Cargo Transportation

Whether internal or external, Phoenix Heli-Flight can move almost any shape or size of cargo up to 3,000 pounds. Types of items moved include: ATVs, liquid storage drums, rooftop air conditioners, antenna towers, pipe & survey equipment, drill rigs, industrial equipment, tree seedlings, fire equipment, outfitting supplies, building materials, boats; you name it, we’ve probably moved it.

Drone Services

Phoenix Heli-Flight offers drone services to help you complete your work as efficiently as possible and in combination with our helicopters, we can offer drone services wherever you need them. Our drone operators are also experienced helicopter pilots and can leverage their skills to ensure that you receive the data that you seek. Using photo, video, LiDAR and thermal imaging, here are some of the services we offer: Infrastructure Inspections Evaluating Environmental Reclamation Pipeline Monitoring Construction Project Progress Tracking Photogrammetry Aerial Filming Search and Rescue Contact us today to see how we can put our drones to work for you!

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Earth Sciences is the focus of the scientific understanding about an enormous range of topics, including the evolution of life, the nature of planetary interiors, the causes of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, earth-surface processes and the origin and behaviour of oceans and atmosphere. With specialized experience in wildlife, water, soil and archeology, Phoenix Heli-Flight can design and carry out a mission specific to your requirements. Whether positioning equipment or providing aerial support during surveys and data collection, Phoenix Heli-Flight can assist you.

Forest Management

Phoenix Heli-Flight provides services to the forestry sector by supporting operations including: cut block layouts, timber cruising, superior tree selection, cone cropping, reforestation, regeneration surveys.


For over 20 years Phoenix Heli-Flight has provided on-demand medevac services to individuals and private industry for transportation from remote industrial, recreational and motor vehicle collisions within a 400 km radius of Fort McMurray, Alberta. All services are provided with paramedics in conjunction with the Fort McMurray Fire Department. Phoenix is now proud to offer dedicated, 24/7 Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS). We operate the twin engine EC135P2+ equipped with night vision goggles (NVG), and the latest in Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) and flight tracking. While Phoenix has founded the dedicated medevac helicopter program, in order to sustain the program we are looking to the public, private industry and government to provide funding. Donations can be made through the Local HERO Foundation (Helicopter Emergency Response Organization). Have a look at our Local HERO Foundation page.

Passenger Transportation

Need to get somewhere? We can do it! Passenger transport supplied to almost any location. For fast, comfortable transportation in the Fort McMurray area, call Phoenix Heli-Flight. Our aircraft can carry from 4 up to 7 passengers as well as gear to remote locations quickly and comfortably. We provide you with a choice of interior configurations to meet your needs, and scenic tours of Fort McMurray and the Oil Sands plants are also available.


With over 15 years of experience flying for promotional and special event photography and video crews, we know what it takes to get the best shots. We have worked for CBC Television, National Geographic Channel and TSN on various outdoor sporting and news events. Whether you need a full production crew or just a helicopter, Phoenix is the obvious choice in Northern Alberta.


Helicopters are an efficient and environmentally friendly tool for seismic work. Using a helicopter equipped with Airborne Electromagnetic (AEM) survey technology can maximize your rate of data collection, while also minimizing the environmental footprint of the operation by leaving the soil and vegetation untouched. In the past Phoenix Heli-Flight has flown both the torpedo and the hoop style of AEM equipment. Phoenix has also completed surveying operations involving the deployment and retrieval of seismic bags. Look no further than Phoenix Heli-Flight when planning your next seismic project.

Support Services

Phoenix Heli-Flight endeavours to provide the most comprehensive support services possible for every mission. Whether your mission requires refueling at a remote location, floats mounted on the skids or a mini excavator; we’ve got you covered.


Phoenix Heli-Flight offers tours of Fort McMurray, the Oilsands, and the Wood Buffalo region. For custom tour pricing please contact our office at 780-799-0141 or [email protected].

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Wildfire Suppression

Throughout Western Canada including initial attack, sustained action and heli-torching on fires of all sizes. Our communications and operational equipment offer the flexibility to meet your light and intermediate helicopter requirements. We also offer extensive experience in the specialty area of wildfire attack using aerial ignition techniques. Phoenix Heli-Flight assists in other fire and non-fire projects associated with work in remote areas including: medical evacuations, and prepositioning of firefighting crews.

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