Why Phoenix?

Phoenix Heli-Flight is known around the world for its modern fleet, eye-catching paint jobs, and industry-leading adoption of new technology. So what else makes Phoenix an excellent place to work?

  • Dependable shift scheduling. In an industry where client demands change minute to minute, our management team puts a tremendous amount of energy into looking after our clients while also maintaining the agreed upon work schedule of our staff.

  • Flat organizational structure. No head office, no bureaucracy, no complex web of managers. We are a company run by passionate professionals who are on the shop floor every day.

  • Exceptional clients. The companies and people that we serve are professionals in their own field and come to us for our ability to replicate success. They trust our work ethic and decision making; meaning no cutting of corners for production’s sake or pressure to push weather.

  • Pursuit of safety excellence. We employ a robust and thorough Safety Management System run by an enthusiastic and dedicated Director of Safety. If you have a concern, it is always heard and addressed.

  • Longevity. Phoenix Heli-Flight has been in business for 32 years and is geared for decades more of success.

Amenities, Equipment, Future Projects

  • For our out-of-town staff, Phoenix provides exemplary accommodations. Our apartments are two bedroom, two bathroom units with a shared kitchen and living area. There is also in-suite laundry and underground parking. The Water’s Edge building was built in 2015 and is located 14 minutes away from our hangars.
  • For our out-of-town staff, Phoenix provides a fleet of well-maintained Toyota vehicles. A fleet renewal is underway and the medevac crew’s 2023 Rav4 has just been delivered. Our trusty Yarises are also in the process of being upgraded.
  • We have a highly-capable maintenance team that services our fleet, and a vast assortment of equipment to help our maintenance team complete their tasks safely and effectively.
  • We have battery-powered hydraulic Heliporters for moving our helicopters so our staff can effortlessly move a helicopter on their own. We have two wagons with built-in scales to easily weigh and move customer cargo.
  • We have lots of neat ops gear for our helicopters including an aerial seeder, hydraulic grapple, camera mounts, sling-able mini excavator, and of course bambi buckets, long lines, and other custom sling gear.
  • Each of our aircraft have their own Electronic Flight Bag iPad with Foreflight and we have a digital system for weight and balance, flight plans, and flight reports.
  • We have active satellite tracking in all of our machines that reports aircraft location at a high frequency. Our aircraft can be tracked from your phone and flight plans alert our management prior to expiring as well as when they expire.
  • All of our aircraft have Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM). These systems give our pilots peace of mind as they know that the aircraft has been flown within limits by the previous pilot. In our 15-year history with HFDM, no pilot has ever been fired as a result of an HFDM finding. In practice, the opposite is true and many pilots have been exonerated by the cameras showing exactly what happened during an incident.
  • We have constantly improving flight simulator in-house that is using X-Plane and MSFS20, the Valve Index VR headset, and top-of-the-line controls from Virpil.
  • We purchase a detailed model of a Phoenix helicopter of the staff’s choosing after they have been with us for five years. When we brought this in, our initial order included fourteen models! That is a lot of staff that have stayed with Phoenix for more than five years. We have also recently had eight staff cross the ten-year mark with us and they received Breitling watches of their choosing.
  • Phoenix constantly reinvests in its fleet and avionics are a large component. Upgrades are underway to bring our fleet to 100% glass cockpit.
  • We have just taken delivery of a factory-new Tecnam P2006T to help support our helicopters when they are working remotely and to serve as a low-cost IFR training platform.
  • We have purchased a Cabri G2 helicopter for internal and external training and are expecting delivery in Q1 2024.
  • We have ordered a cutting edge sensor package and are expecting to receive it in Q3 2023.
  • Swag! We’re proud of where we work and we show it. Phoenix keeps a healthy supply of shirts, hats, stickers, etc. for our clients and supporters. For our staff we provide shared-cost and no-cost items including polos, hoodies, hats, shop coats, flight suits, winter jackets, Yetis, rain jackets, etc.
  • We have hangar dogs on staff!
  • Phoenix has a strong reputation for being an industry leader in Canada and is known around the world. A positive reference from Phoenix would give you a serious advantage if the next step of your career took you to another organization.

1001 Saline Creek Pkwy, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 0H8